He's on my mind almost all the time. I'm happy whenever we are talking and sad when we're not. Sometimes I feel like I'm being so pushy and really clingy cause I have so much time that whenever I can't control it, I can't help but message him...and I know that he's busy and our time difference and distance sucks a hell lot. I've asked him so many times if he's annoyed at me or whatever because of the things I do and he always say he's not...and I feel like he just can't be rude but at the same time whenever I tell him that well, he's not liking it. I don't want to doubt him but I'm so ****** up and he's too good to be true, he's like a dream. Ugh, I like him so much.

I feel so much better of a person because of him. I am more confident right now and I'm making myself better physically and at least somehow emotionally, all because of him. I'm doing stuffs to finally achieve some progress for my career so I can have a better job, and by then, I can go anywhere...and hopefully meet him personally.

I want to meet him soon. Well the truth is, I want to meet him now. I'd hug him real tight and cuddle with him if he still finds me the same way in person. Haha.
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all the best

Thank you so much :)