How I Will Retire Young And Healthy!! I Want You To Retire With Me.

just want to share my story of how I have set myself up on the path to never having to work a job again and be financially independent and most importantly free. :) I hate having a job, but not because I am lazy. I am a hard worker. What I hate is the idea of having to go to the same place everyday, at the same time every day, to earn the same amount of money no matter how hard I work every day, to be told what to do by the same person every day, and so on. It is an endless, seemingly unbreakable cycle. You find it difficult to better yourself (for instance taking college classes so you can get a better job) because you don't have the time due to the fact that you have to go to your horrible job every day. You can't make it to your out of state relatives wedding or drive 3 hours to your favorite band's concert, because your boss won't let you take the time off of work. You might say that we are supposed work to live, so why does it seem that most of us live to work. The job controls your life. This is why I hate having a job. HAVING A JOB IS NO WAY TO LIVE. I have been blessed with an opportunity in the health and wellness industry that will change the outcome of my life. I will tell you right up front that the secret to prosperity is in what is called RESIDUAL INCOME. At a job, you put in a week's worth of work and get a paycheck only once for that week of work. You have to work another week get another paycheck and over and over again. This will never make you wealthy. The only way to become wealthy is by finding a way to continue making money off of the work that you have already put in. For example a record producer who puts in the hours to record a music artist's cd gets paid for those hours but also after the work is done, he continues to get paid a percentage of the profits for every CD that is sold from that point on. He no longer has to work on that project but he is still making money off of it. This is RESIDUAL INCOME. Now you don't have to be a well known record producer to make this kind of money. There are many ways to make residual income, and this is what I am now doing. Like I said earlier, I have found a way in the health and wellness industry, a industry that makes billions and will soon be moving into the trillions. I get to help people and make money at the same time. I also show others how they can do the same thing that I do. I am so blessed by what I do and I want to be able to share that blessing with others. :) I am willing to share this with any of you who read this, but only if you are a MOTIVATED, and AMBITIOUS individual. My time is valuable and I can only afford to spend it on people who will be committed to seeing it through.
Looking4Intelligence Looking4Intelligence
22-25, F
May 16, 2012