Kevin Smith is pure genius. There's just no way to explain it. He's made so many incredible movies. He's quite the funny guy.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

As this fledgling writer, I view Mr. Smith as the opposite of me. He's much smarter than me but ... And, I say this hesitantly, I Am more empathetic than he comes off as. I want some advice on how to have his irreverence and comedy withou sacrificing respect as he sometimes does. -paragraph ( only because this is on my doughy iPhone) - I want to be A helper but Im in the up, and writing is my life, but Michigan is not a Mecca for writing. I just want a chance. Right now, I couldn't stand if I had Forrest humps crutches.

I got to meet Kevin Smith today for the 2nd time. He's a great person. He's filming a movie here in NY.