I Dated A Mature Bbw Some Years Back….

I tell you we had nothing but good time! I was 33 she was 52… we had absolutely insane sex in the bedroom! She was very sensual and loved it rough as well and I had the best time going down on her she was so sweet! I actually grew feelings for her, we spent a good number of days together talking making love kissing exploring one another in the park at school in her car my car on the beach anywhere and everywhere her mouth or tight hairless smooth vajayjay were mine to use as I wanted…. She was 5'3 a good 180lbs brunette latina with the absolute roundest and most perfectly shaped arse (which is my downfall) lol I often fondly think back on the good intimate memories I have with her. She was too embarrassed of the age difference to pursue anything else which was unfortunate I really cherished our time… were still friends not with benes and we rarely talk but I know what we had was special and I long for another mature BBW in my life...
n2BBWsnmore n2BBWsnmore
41-45, M
Nov 29, 2012