Will He Be There

I am a quad in the wheelchair and have been for about 20yrs and my mom is my only best friend. i don't have any others friends that i hang out with and i am not close to my outside family at all.i am dating this guy who's from another culture. we have been dating for six months but i don't think he wouldbe there for me if something happen to my mom.My mom is a sick lady and i feel like if something was to happen to her now i would kill myself because i don't have no one. i feel alone and its hard to find real and true people to count on.
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hi hit me up im also wheelchair bound 12 yrs now would luv to chat

im mike quad to 27 years i live alone i understand<br />
you got a kind heart pls think there people here like you<br />
you not ugly you cute women<br />
don't kill your self<br />
your mom is a nice lady <br />
if she die she allways be in your heart

Hi Seallyoooo, I want to start by saying you are never alone because you efinitely have me as a friend! Please don't feel that way because their is many resorces out there for disabled. GOD; Forbid, If something happen to you mom, you can live alone with a live in aid to assist you. I have alot of family by blood but none that i can depend on, so i rather tell everyone i dont have no family except my mom and my son...no one else counts. stay in touch and il make sure that you connect with any service you need in the future is you will ever need them... Believe me, we're in this together girl because i am wheelchair bound also and ive had my rough times dealing with guy also and im single now.

many here that can understand and many from other areas have funny ideas