Disabled And Single

trust is an issue when youre disabled and dating! disabled people are targets in this world. I never ha luck in dating men because they see a woman in a wheelchair and a quick way to try getting over on.
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not all men.I think there are some good ones

hi I'm i a wheelchair too i would luv to chat with you

I enjoy woman and I think if they are in a wheelchair they are still very sexy

getting over in what way?

i accept you for you =)

I can totally understand your hesitation and concern, but on the other hand I am a single guy who has always been attracted to women who use wheelchairs... I dated a woman who was a paraplegic for a while until she passed away due to a blood clot in her lung (actually multiple clots).

i've been in a wheel chair 11 yrs i except you be my friend, lets chat k

sory not all are like that

you are so true! but so many are.

That is the sad thing in this world so many are out there just to use people

I have worked in in his filed for many many years the two that live with me now have been here for over 20 years and we have made our own family
and we are always will to except others into the family we could care less if you are in a wheelchair
the only thing we have ever ask is you have to want to go places and do things and you like dogs

current plans with it being winter is we are trying to get a another car ready for spring then I think most weekends this spring summer and fall we will be sort of camping and drag racing as the west coast points finial labor day will be
both he one with me have spasic quad cp and feeding tubes but in 2o years it has never stopped us

hi i would luv to know more plz contact me