Viva Las Vegas,

I would like to find friends here in Las Vegas that cross dress. I have found a girl, who is a designer of womens clothes to help me and go out with me. But being able to find someone that has been dressing for a while to talk to and have tea with would be wonderful too. I live in Las Vegas and have been underground for a long time. I just went out dressed as a woman recently and I enjoyed every minute of it. Write me if your in the area.
MaryAnn4665 MaryAnn4665
46-50, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2011

Hi SonnyBoy. How are you? What brings you to Vegas? I would like to meet you, but tell me what you are about. Are you coming to Las Vegas to have a Crossdressing experience? Are you coming to Vegas for business or for just a short time? I'm not sure if I can actually go out dressed with you during that time or not right now. It depends on my wife's schedule. I would like to meet you though. MaryAnn

I will be in Vegas fro m Sept 18-22