I'm Looking For Local Crossdressers Or Transgenderes For Friendship

I would love to find local C/D's or transgenders for friendship. I'm more comfortable when dressed as the woman I feel I am than in what god has given me. There is some advantage of being born male, but for most of my life, I have known something wasn't right. Skirts, dresses, tight low rise jeans, nylons, heels, bra's, tank tops all feel wonderful when i wear them. i would love to find local friends who feel the same way and get together to sit and chat, go out for lunch and maybe shopping...... you never know.....we just may turn a few heads from the men who find us attractive and the women who want us......
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Hi Terri.. I am a dresser also .. i am in the CT area.. Not too far from Terryville. I would love to have a dresser friend that I can feel comfortable being dressed. I want to explore more of my girlie side besides just sectretly dressing and going to bookstores

Hi Karen,
I am currently living in Waterbury with my sister. I do own my own home, but it is not ready for me to move into yet, so when I got divorced last year, Sis asked me to come here til my place is ready. Its not so bad here, its a three bedroom cape and I have the upstairs so I am by myself.
You say your not to far from terryville, Maybe someday/night we can arrange a meeting.

It has been a while since I have been on the site. But are you still interested in meeting and dressing?

i am somewhat the same , but dont do it in public or around wife or kids except for somtimes when wife is ok with it. - usually sex in the cards. have to keep it under wraps for now. wear slips , tights under clothes around house . wife knows somtimes. enjoy it a lot but thats as far as i go.

And if no one noticed then we always have each other to play with.

i love wearing womens cloths. thongs pantyhoes heels tight shorts and mini skirts

I would love that too!

Oh Toni,<br />
We all want that. I love the way you describe that certain feeling, I feel so comfortable. Sometimes things happen that make everything seem to fit into place. I remember a party for a workmate's 21st birthday. As the office boss I was, I guess, held in respect with some friends not able to be open. I hadn't come out then myself, not in work anyway. I was sitting with a [female] member of the staff as we looked at some of the presents the birthday girl had received, I was holding a bra and panty set and looking at them, luxuriating in the lovely feel of them on my hands, and then thinking of the feeling I had of my body in panties. That day I remember I was wearing a pair of panties I had bought from Ann Summers, still my favourite store. The lady beside me commented by saying to me, "They are gorgeous, aren't they?" I looked at her and smiled. I was looking at her differently than I had. She was older than me, head of the typing pool, but a woman I had always admired, from afar, alas. "Yes, Gillian," I had said to her slowly. "You are so lucky to have such lovely underwear." I need to cut the story a little short now. Two days after the party I bought a bra and panty set, same colour, same make. I wrapped them in the lovliest, girliest wrapping paper I could find and casually gave them to her, placing them on her desk and murmuring quietly that I hopes she found them nice. I was about to leave for lunch that day when she came to my office and closing the door came over and just kissed me on the cheek, very, very, lightly, her lips just brushed my cheek, but her words, well they changed my life. She murmured that when a man gives a lady such a present its normal for the man to help her put them on. I wanted her so badly but I was wearing under my office suit my usual sexy bra and panties. I was afraid to shock her too much so I told her, blurting out my words so fast, that I was wearing bra and panties, that I loved to dress as a woman. When Gillian told me that it didn't matter, that it actually made her feel more sexy, I was overjoyed. Gillian now helps me with my clothes, I look to her for everything. Now I am out to the office and wearing my lovely clothes to work. I have changed my name by Deed of Poll to Steffi and the past four years have been the most wonderful of my life. Toni lovely woman, lovely men, they are out there. I hope you find the club etc you seek. I live in the UK unfortunately, but if you want a 'cross-the-pond' friend, just say say. Have a wonderful time in your gorgeous clothes, Love Steffi xx

Darling, you haven' t told us where you live. It would help us a lot if we knew what state and city you are in. Love and hugs

I'm sorry Hun, I live in Terryville, a small town in Litchfield county, Ct. .

Would love to. Dressup sometime

if you have the slightest urge to try it,...then you need to do it!just start w/your womans sexiest stuff when she's not home...its so fukin taboo,its a huge rush,especially for us big macho guysIm 6'4" 220lbs...my wife hated it so I snuck it for years,which I don't recommend as you re just potponing the inevitable...