Florida Cd

Im a crossdresser, looking to meet other crossdressers in Florida. I like ballet outfits. I love the feeling of nylon against my skin and think that ballet flats are possibly the cutest shoes on the market, but thats debatible^_^. Id like to friend a local CD. We could play in our girly clothes and hang out and have sleepovers. And tickle fight. Those are simply a must;). Messge me.
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Sounds yummy! I don't live in Florida but I'm going there around the end of April, Alone! I would love to meet you! Add me as your friend and let's talk!

Hi I dress closet and would like to meet others to I am near Winter haven Florida !! Where are you?


Where in Florida ? I am also.

Im in gainesville:).

:) agreed ballet flats are the cutest evar! followed by uggs ;) I really wish i lived in florida so i could come play with you once in a while <3