I've Changed My Mind

Cross dressing was never my thing, maybe because I live in Vegas, but recently, since joining EP, I have been reading a lot of cross dressing stories. So about 2 weeks ago I went thru my wifes dresser and found 2 nighties she has'nt worn in years.The straps of one is tied in the back behind the neck,barely covering ( had she been wearing it), her ample breasts. It's length, well without panties you can just see my balls, with panties you cant.. If I had ****, I would look good (as long as you could over look my gray stash). My wife said I did look good, I also looked good in one of her pink blouses. But that is as far as she said I could go. Her bra size is 42 dd, but I cant get it on. someone on this site told me to go and buy my own, but he never told me what I should stuff it with. My wife is gone several hours a day, 3 days a week. during that time I will wear a nightie,panties, and pink slippers and now I will buy a pair of stockings. It all feels so comforting,smooth,silky, and I feel a little naughty.I just have to keep my new clotheshidden. Now I want to **** and be ****** by a cross dresser! Who would have thought! should I wear my oufit when I am doing the ******* of a CD or be dressed as the typical male . When I am being ****** I want my CD outfit on The other day I inadvertenly answered the door wearing my stuff, it was 2 cable TV guys to hook us up. they just looked at each other with a strange look ( dont know why). I kept my outfit on.  who would have thought I would go thru this transformation.
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I love to wear panties, they make me feel more girly... more pretty. I love the naughty feeling, the taboo. Part of the thrill is in buying them, the clerk doesn't know me, she only knows that I am buying womans underwear... she kind of knows that when I get home that I will be sitting in front of my pc in panties jacking off. I get a rush out of sharing this, I like being girly. Huggs and kisses!

I have been buying my nighties at Target. I try to space the times I am there. BECAUSE I know they are watching me with their over head cameras and saying things like "there is that fruit nut again" so I dont spend much time at all looking for something Target nice.

I just wish it would be eaiser to purchase CD clothing. I get embarased in local stores and online the shipping is to expensive

what I find a little amazing is that my wife does not seem to mind that I have on black thigh high stockins, a nightie, new female underpants (briefs) and a pair of her pink underpants over my female neted briefs, Now all I need is a **** to suck

Interesting, I rekindled an old interest in cross dressing since joining EP. I have a male friend who loves me in panties and I love to treat him to a variety of styles. See through, thong, and of course a gamet of colors, red, black, pink, yellow, quite, blue, it is such fun and it makes him happy.