Wanting To Feel Feminine All The Time.

I have been crossdressing for many years. Where through out it all wearing dresses, skirts and etc, feeling comfortable and confident as a women. Though I have never been able to share this with my family or friends for my fears of being judged and humilated by those around me, I have had to keep this deep dark secret within myself. I know deep down I do feel right when wearing pants and I hate it, but me wearing a dress I totally feel great. I just honestly wish I could have a girlfriend who will accept me in this fashion in which I could honestly feel the true happiness as I feel when I am dressed as a women.
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I think biological men who cross dress are adorable and make me feel so secure, like I am really understood and we are equals. At one time, I never thought I would fall for someone like this, but then I met Dannie. When she told me her secret, I couldn't believe it. I knew she was into diapers, but I never knew she was half-female in her mind and heart.
I think she is the cutest little thing and love for her to dress like a little girl or even a grown woman. Just as long as she's locked into her diapers and I hold the key!
So yes, there are women who would love to be with you just the way you are. Don't lose hope.

Dear RoxannaDW,
Thank-you for your kind words and thoughts in which makes me feel great deep inside knowing that there is some one out there that really cares. I so wish that you and I could chat and get to know each other better. I have so much to talk about and wanting another female in who I can share so much with. I hope that you may get a chance to veiw my profile and stories about and that possibly we can talk and become great close friends.

I would like that, too. :)

My dearest new friend,
Thank-you for getting back to me within your response. I had gotten on to your profile, but when I had tried to add you to my friend list it was telling me that I can`t add. Is there any chance you can add me to your friend list, that way you and I can chat and get to know each other better. I am so looking forward to us being able to do this. I really need some one to open up too and share who truly understands and doesn`t judge. I have realized long ago of my being a cross-dresser and my deep desires in wearing dresses and skirt and wanting live as the woman who deeply lives in me. Please let me hear back from you.

I so feel you I want same thing

good luck in your search - where would that be ???

I, like you, have been cross dressing most of my life. I have only shared this with three women - all of them accepted it and one initially did, but for religious reasons, made it seem against God's will, which caused me to feel guilty and silly for wanting to dress. My current wife encourages me to dress and often knnows when I get uptight, she tells me to dress as this creates calmness..I wear panties and camisols every day and silky sleep shirts and panties to bed.I do not dress anymnore to get sexual relief, but it just feels natural and feminine and I feel like my true self...I also shave my legs, chest and armpits and cut my hair closely on my arms - and I paint my toenails, as well - you may feel that I am lucky to have someone who accepts me for who I am, but I am still held captive by the outside world not accepting me for who I am. My wife would be devastated if someone else saw me dressed. I would love to wear feminine clothes all the time, have my ears pierced and have small breasts...but, there are too many factors that prevent me from doing these things...I would suggest just being who you are and don't be sad because you can't find someone to accept you - it is hard to be isolated dressing alone, but there are groups and conventions that accept you the way you are...you might find a dress buddy to help you along the way...Wendi

It is society who decides how the different sexes "should" dress. God didn't hand down a dress code for men and women.
Some people have the tendency to take the Bible very literally, which in and of itself is not a problem, but it is if you use your beliefs to justify hate.
I am a Christian, by the way, and I love my biologically male girlfriend. I believe she is a gift from God.