Hello Girls!!!

Hey, I'm Nicky,
I live in the Dominican Republic for now but I'm planning on moving out of here.
I'm (of course) a transvestite and I like to dress up occaisonnaly in the privacy of my home or with somebody who shares the same intrest.
I also wear sexy underwear almost every day under my "men"clothes, it just feels more natural to me for some reason !!
Anyway, since I want to move out of here and have really no idea where to go, altought I;m tempted by the U.S. of A or Canada I would love to know what would be a good place for me.
Also I would need a job and a place to start so all info is more than welcome !!
Thnx girls!!
Nickysixx Nickysixx
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

i adore you

Let's talk !! ,-)