Hi .... I'm new to crossdressing but tbh it's always been part of me !! I love it :)) I'm in yorkshire and love to chat ?
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if ur wife comes Istanbul, i seduce her and showaround the city
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cheshire here. hi

i,m new to this did you read the story i wrote about me spanked for be in a bad wife to a bad husband ,,, you are 1st to talk to hear i,m good for things i crave hard *** spanking so i cant sit a week it,s out there to it,s 6 mo to a year thing to get spanked tell i,m brused on my but it with out yelling and for me i dont feel loved and i,m losted with out a good spanking to know some one had time to care about me,,,,, sorry if i up set you i,m open to shair hear,,,, i,m michelle

Hi Rachel, I am in North Yorks , message me please

Hello Rachel,I'm down in Kent,so not that far really


Success almost guaranteed.......

Oooo please share

I know lots of trannies from yorkshire. Leeds is bloody Tranny Central........

Hi Rachel I am not in Yorkshire but south England. Still love to chat though X