I had picked up on cross dressing a little while ago and want to start wearing female clothes all the time. I was wanting to see if anyone cross dressed in ohio
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Hi there! Crossdresser here from central ohio, but I love to get dressed and spend the day shopping around Cincy maybe once a month or so! And would love to get to know some other gurls too!

That's sounds cool. I'd love to be able to go shop around but still trying to find a job to get to do that so I try and enjoy what I got for right now.

I dress and I am in the sw corner of ohio

That's where I live as well

ummm. to be supportive. I personally bet i could wear girl clothes better than some girls. xD

Haha I have a feeling I probably could to with some practice and a little bit of changes.

i weigh 100 lb man i can wear anything they can.... except maybe a bra xD

I'm fairly large my self I'm trying to loose weight to get down to slim out my belly and other areas that are a bit to large.

keep tryin man

Thanks ^^

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