Lack Of Edification

Although communicating with non-spiritual people is great and a major part of life.  I need people that I can relate to.  I don't have any edifying moments.  My breakthroughs, discoveries and important spiritual moments are celebrated by making a note of the break through on my note pad...nothing more.  How wonderful it would be to talk to someone that has experienced moments like this.  And how amazing would it be to meet someone who not only could understand what it's like to have a moment like this but maybe also benefit from my breakthroughs as well...and vise versa.  I dream of having a deep intellectual conversation about spiritual concepts in which both of us are exchanging and expanding upon each others input.

It's hard not to feel alone sometimes.  I understand that this is exactly where God wants me to be though and that this has to be part of my spiritual training, but there are times of weakness (like right now) and I allow my emotions bring me to a state of unhappiness.

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3 Responses Nov 23, 2009

WE are never alone....God see's all and knows NO we are never alone.

i have felt very spiritual in my life, but religion leaves me pretty cold.<br />
<br />
if a life lived mostly alone-- AMONGST everyone else paired off happily and immersed in teeming togetherness all around me--is training for something, fine, but...why me? i apparently skipped ahead, straight to alone, so i would not need other sorts of stuff i knew first, cleared away.....

I do not know that we could connect but maybe we could,,,I have had alot of awesome experences,,,and I know others here as well,,,you are never alone,,,even if it may at this moment seem that you are,,,its only that way so you can clear everything that you thought you knew,,,for the real meat of the subject of spiritual awareness,,,Love and Light Mary