Carnival---will Go To All My Friends Home - Have Fun..

first if i get such type of chances ,,, i will embrace that........
and i will buy things for them from my country and i will do anything for them to make happy,
and i will packup my things and as soon as possible .......
i will catch flight to meet them.....if the days has come,then i will split my gifts to all of my friends,
and i will welcome them with full of excitements,and........
how u people think about me,, it doesnt matter, because i dont care about that, i am thinking about ,
how to make to all happy,then after shaking hands,...........
everyone will have food, and i will sponsor for all my friends,,, because u r my dear ones, so ill do,
i would like to introduce myself to all my friends,..........
and expect the same,, and after that i like to taste all your dishes, prepared for me,hope u ll do,
and after that,, with everyone's opinion we will.........
start our experiences in life and ep, and with children,hubbies, our parents , , they will start chating
among themselves, and it should be like CARNIVAL,
after that,

pl my friends u proceed, because i cant take all the decisions, we all should take..

THANKS,,,,, AAKAAS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WITH LOVE-----------
aakaas aakaas
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 1, 2011

I think it would be such fun if we could all meet up and visit everyone's homeland. It would be like a "Global Summit for sharing" We are all from all over the world. I love a gatherings where people share their food, music and even different dances. I also like the idea of sharing special gifts from our countries. But the very BEST gift would be being able to actually meet the folks we talk to and share our thoughts with!!<br />
What a nice idea to start the day with!! Thank you aakaas!! You always have such happy thoughts to add!

thanks .. all yours