Would Love To!

I have several wonderful friends that I am extremely fond of here on EP!
all are so different and i adore each one so very much.
they've come to mean a great deal to me!!!
unfortunately they're scattered to the four courners of the globe :(

hopefully one day we will meet in person :)))
Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

You don't believe it. It happened with me. I have a friend in Paris for years we chat online. Last year I visited her when I got some work to do there. I don't stay so long but at least I met her in person. <br />
I'm still sure you'll face something like this.

that's really awesome :)
yes I do belive in serendipity :))

thanks for that!

Don't worry, the time will come to meet them unexpectly

wow that's almost like magic all the way around the globe and it will happen unexpectedly you say hmmm, me likes this :D!

we had better save BIG lady jo! :D!!<br />
or win lottery lol...<br />
<br />
hugs with love, K.

Yes I agree there are some lovely souls on here I'd love to meet, hope to travel one day in the future to see them all. Especially you too! Miss you K....(hugs) xxx