She Is Amazing And I Want To Meet Her

i have to say this , i have met on here the most amazing sexy gorgeous friend i could hope to find, she really is amazing , we have only just met and are yet to talk on skype proberly but i cant stop thinking about her. we have sent emails to each other and it seems we will get on really well. im so very glad i have met her my life seems 100 times better now. she really looks stunning so sexy a real pleasure to talk to and to call her my special friend. just one slight problem we live in differnt places me in the uk her usa but im really hoping we will meet one day that will be amazing . i want to say to her a very BIG THANK YOU for being in my life and i am looking forward to wonderfull times with her xxx Well we talk but only for a very short time and omg she is more gorgeous and amazing than I thought , wow I feel so lucky to have her in my life and I hope she does too :) its such a shame that becouse of the way our lives are at the moment we may never meet but I will pray lots lol . Can't wait to talk with her again real soon even though we only talked for a few mins I miss her so much . Wow what a gorgeous kind caring sweet beautiful amazing sexy young lady I have as my friend :)))))))
every day i think about her i just cant stop thinking , my heart beats faster and faster and i feel like im a kid again lol is this what they mean when they say love at first sight ?  :))
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1 Response May 21, 2012

That is such a great feeling, isn't it? Enjoy!