I've Never Been Good At Choosing Favorites..

I have been tossing this idea around for a while now, and have even PMed a few of you about it. But I really really want to try to get something together for this summer. We spend so much time hanging out on here...I'd love to find some central-ish location and meet up one weekend. I think this would be better than the thing that EP got together last year, because the people involved would be from the ever-intertwining circles that we're all in, instead of just random people from the site.

I'm thinking of Nashville or Atlanta tentatively...but am up for more suggestions.

So. Who's interested?

onceandfutureglow onceandfutureglow
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26 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I'd hoped you'd come too, ABL. :) <br />
<br />
Sometime in the next week, I'll be sending something to everyone who says they're interested, to talk about time fr<x>ame and stuff. <br />
<br />
Yay!!! :) :) :)

Nashville. That's practically in my backyard. I'm in! Gotta be there, I have my reasons!!!!! Woo hoo

Yay, yay YAY!!!!!! :D

I promise. :)

She does indeed...I hope we can really get something together...we'd have a blast. :)

YAY!! (Could you bring Des with you?) <br />
<br />
Not sure how close to KC it is. But apparently there is a party wagon leaving from there.

Seriously, you'd come, When?

I want to meet you all but I live in England so I want you all to write to me.

Absolutely! :)

Oh yeah? Well...I, um...I can sing really loud.

No, no no. When I pick up When. That's when it starts. We'll rock all the way to Nashville. :D

Lilt - does that mean you're in??? Yay!!!!!! <br />
<br />
I know When!! The ones I have talked to over the phone...I alternate. And I don't mind being called glow or glowy when I talk to people..it's as much of who I am as my "real" name. So are you coming? It wouldn't be that much of a drive for you.

I'm going to talk all of your ears off. <br />
My comments are not short because I'm concise...it's because I type with two fingers. <br />
I don't need no stinking keyboard. I have so much to say. You all will be begging me to <br />
"put a sock in it!!!"

It is. :-) <br />
<br />
(wondering if we can manage to use real names instead of usernames...) <br />
(or communicate without keyboards.)

Woohoo! It's looking like a good turn out so far glow :)

An for the record...even though she didn't say so...Uno will be there if I am. I'll make sure of it. (I know where she lives, after all.)<br />
<br />
Luv - :) Yes ma'am.

I will be there with you in spirit. :--)

He'd almost have to be, Uno. He would be approaching 80 by now. Surely he'd have tired of the joke if he wasn't.

All the new Elvii look like bad impersonations of Vampire Bill from True Blood. Just a thought...maybe Elvis isn't dead, maybe he's UNdead. Woooah ha ha.

Lilt - Yes. He is. I saw him two weeks ago when I was in Memphis. I do believe those sideburns were fake though.

Des, tell your husband you believe Elvis is still alive.<br />
One trip to Graceland and you can prove it!

Scooby - yesyesyesyes!!! And if that was the way it worked out, we could plan on starting our thing on Friday, and then you'd be able to come. <br />
<br />
Hahaha!! I love it. Destroy. Because she's so destructive. :)<br />
<br />
See, we all want to do this, but we just need someone to kick us all in the *** and get us started.

Not sure how I'd pull it off but I'm not opposed to trying. I may even be near Nashville at some point in June or July for a short time. Most likely a Tuesday through Friday though.

*still thinks it wouldn't be complete without Des* :(

I knew you were, K! *still super excited about that!!*<br />
<br />
Ana - I'd hoped you'd want to come!!! Maybe you and ABL could come together...<br />
<br />
Atlanta is bad, as far as the homeless situation, but you have to know where to go there. I have several friends from the area, and they know the places to avoid. I was looking for decent cities in the Southern US that have relatively inexpensive airports in case people need to fly in.

You know I am :)