Where Are You, My Lookalike?

Most people who have seen me recently observed that I look like a certain showbiz personality here in my country. Since I (and you too, unless if you have a twin) do not see my face as much as others do (mirrors can be deceiving as well), I would not have noticed it if others haven't told me so.

Anyway, after viewing several of her photos, I finally saw the resembance. However, I think it would be incredible if I had a lookalike from the opposite side of the globe.

I wish there was an extensive database of faces somewhere out there with an app that will enable you to find your lookalikes via some computation. I tried  myheritage.com before. But, I don't want to limit my search for a lookalike to celebrities. Besides, the results may be inaccurate if the person is not facing the camera head on and the lighting conditions different.
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

here is some pics of me with my look alike... we met accidentally on shoot... someone planed this to shock us & it was a shocking moment & we still in touch... sharing from FB<br />
Please comment wht you think, soon we planed to shoot some pic together & Videos as well...<br />

Oh my goodness, you look like twins! I wish I had someone like that!

Hay thanks for the reply.... actually I'm trying to make a Documentary on a
'8 Look alikes' my other look alike found the other one but we have a age differences but in our age he was the same, can say he is our older ver. he is now 43 yr. old, &amp; 4 yrs ago in a bus station I found someone similar but we just smile, then I realize I hv to talk to him coz it's so rare who look exactly like you. means I've found 4 (1 missed &amp; other one is older Ver.) but 2 of us look same &amp; have a contact... hope will find my other Brothers. &amp; Start my Documentary :)

Not to mention all the touch-up and fotoshop that magazines and photo-shoots do. I hope you find your look-a-like :).

yes he is real person &amp; hv added in my friend list, need some time to prove, &amp; we ready to do some Pranks on our Parents. we r thinking about to match the style to look similar but may be our parents will find the differences Coz we r just 80% match... but thanx for reply, soon I'll give a new link of our Prank if it's succeed. :) C U!