I know that she will be so smart, super sexy, with a nice rack, big blue eyes, sexy flowing hair, and a semi hot a$$.  I can't wait to meet her so that she can appreciate true beauty. LOL!  I am so joking, but wouldn't it be great to meet your look a like?  You could switch places when you didn't feel like doing something.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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Oh that is funny.

LOL I know I am. I owuld like to have like 50 of you. Your kindness and your beauty are just shining through. I may have to rethink this because you are such a unique and special person to me that I don't want to take away from that but yeah for a short while having many of you would be awesome.

It would be so much fun to switch places with a look a like and then get together and compare notes about what happened while you were her. Is the world ready for another me?

LOL people are always friendly to me so I wouldn't think too much about it.

LOL, Y'all

That would be awesome FG!!

LOL, no kidding...Adorable and Lucifer Resident Evils of EP,

Well maybe we will take turns and shake things up a bit lol. She would have to be the evil twin because I am too adorable to be evil lol.

one of you is all over EP,wonder what gonna happen when you and your look-a-like gonna be on EP.


Yes it would be sooooo fungirlmmmmm II....

Awww thanks sweetie. Could you imagine two of me?

Nice.. FG you always have a great story ! CJ...