I Want to Meet My Abandoned Son

I read your story to meet your real dad.  I'm coming from the other side.  I abandoned my son and his mom before birth.  this is the most horrible act of my life. my son is now 37.  yesterday I sent a letter to his mom apologizing for this gutless and irresponsible way to treat two innocent humans.  I could have handled this in so many different ways.  to not even communicate at any time in 37 years...It makes me sick of myself to have behaved without compassion or concern during all these years.  I also included a letter to my son with the letter to his mom. I don't want to contact him without her knowledge or permission. I really want to make amends for this terrible thing I have done.

I have incredible guilt, fear and shame around this whole thing.  And for years I wanted to make contact. there is no excuse. 

Anyway I guess I want to say I hope my son wants to meet me.

Go after your Dad.  Just do it, like that old saying says, just do it. Let nothing stand in your way because you will have an answer. The biggest question of your life will be answered.  believe this.

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4 Responses Jun 25, 2008

It's never to late! I myself want to meet my real Dad, I wish he would just find me as he knows about me. So if your in doubt about finding a child you abandoned. Just go for it, you have nothing to lose and they is always room for 2 Dads in your heart.

I to know what you are feeling i am looking for my son,that was taken away from me,his mother called me and told me she was in the hosp having this child and that it was mine.but that she was going to give it up .and i told her no that i would take the child and ended the call.i was young and didnt know the law or my rights.so i let it happen.however it has hurt he deep in side crying and making me sick,its been 37 yrs i have always looked for them .and never found them .untill now and she still well not tell me ,i am mad,so if you know where he is and love him.then go and see him.if i know where my son was at i would up in my pickup and go right now.do it go.get it off your chest.

I'm in the other shoes and I don't know my dad but I want to meet him I wish you good luck but why the long time it does seem a bit late but good luck

It is never too late...with open heart and open mind you can do it!