Whoa This Is Deep But It Just Flowed From My Heart To My Fingers!

Every day, my every moment is filled with words yet I can’t find the words to completely describe what you are to me. I use my words to describe things, explaining to persons how to complete technical processes.  I put my pen to paper to paint pictures in the mind of my readers.  Some days I use my words to calm a friend that thinks they can no longer go on with their life because of a tragic event; I somehow find the words to sooth them in that moment. I flirt with my words playing and painting sensual pictures in the minds of those that read my posts. Each day words pour out from my heart and soul for hours on end quickly filling page after page of my journal and entry after entry in my BLOG.

And then there is you, I hear your voice and my heart skips a beat. I tell you that I love you but that is really not enough to explain how deeply I feel you in my soul.  Then all time for words passes as I my soul melts into your voice.

Late at night when it is time to sleep I find myself pondering the words and how they fail me. I think of the word “love” and its inability to say what I need to share with you. I then realize what word I have been looking for and the word that has been missing in my vocabulary; it is the one word that describes our immediate closeness and the deepness that I feel you in my soul.  I etch this word deeply in my heart and know of all words available to me this one is enough as I hear your voice in my dreams.

I awaken to look at your picture and I know this word describes what you are to me, my soul mate.

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Thanks ANM

Beautiful--when we find our soulmate-it's consuming and it's wonderful to feel. Love the way you write.

Thank you for your comments.

from the garden of my heart the flowers of peace bloom beautifully

One has to envy the gentleman who inspired that from such a great lady.

Thank you Billy.

the comfort of your true soulmate is the pinnacle of a true relationship, .. great job young lady !the transfer of your heart to the written word is a special gift. from the heart

Thank you!

I will take a look.

thank you, thank you,<br />
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I have many others I have made or doctored to my tastes I want to upload soon. I have a few stories I have posted here I would love to get your opinions on and I take criticism very well I promise you. <br />
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A few are on my passions of kissing ;)

I am sorry. Yes, please send me a message with the link to the story. I love love love your avatar. It is sassy, smart, and cute all rolled into one avatar.

I would if I new what you mean by link I am only a couple weeks old here, so to speak... just message you a link to the post?

I look forward to reading it. Will you link me please when you post it? I miss some things now that we have the new format and I want to be sure to read it.

I love what you wrote fungirlmmm, I have a story to tell here too, but I use a different word. I'll post soon...


you capture so much in what you wrote.<br />
<br />
the word Love says so much, but wanting to say so much more than words can express is always the burden.<br />
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently

Once, there was this SOUL MATE ASPIRATION<br />
...one had just thrown up... the other HOLDING HER CLOSE<br />
<br />
<br />
X<br />
<br />


Me too

Thank you FJM. I got to the last line and it scared the hell out of me for a moment. I was literally not thinking as i wrote this. My fingers were just typing away.