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I love to meet new people, and will answer anyone that messages me!
I'm not afraid to answer any questions, so if you have the guts to ask me any question, I'll answer it honestly.

Julesjuju Julesjuju
18-21, F
10 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Well you haven't answered many. Questions msg me and tell me if you have a smooth *****. Please.

inbox me if interested

What if you get an opportunity to spend one month of your life with a stranger in just doing all the thing you had just dream of....

What do like about the British accent?

I just have always found it very appealing and attractive, but I am more impressed by one's persona(:

just passing through thought id say Hi xx

Are younger women like you turned on at all by older men?

I am. I am live it when guys are anywhere from twenties to forties

Thank you so much. I am late 40's but so horny and so love knowing I still might turn a hot yng woman on. I certainly would serve her like no one has in bed!

would you have sex with a 47 yr old man

Have you ever had any black **** and if so did you like or dislike it? You said ask anything...

if we had more things in common i could ask more. from what area are you from? and what type of weird dreams do you have? you willing to friend me?

Do you play with yourself much?


lol, then I take that as a yes......