Lonely Adult Baby

I am a 37 try old adult baby and have a hard time finding another adult baby that's want to talk. I have been in and out of diapers all of my live but now wearing diapers 24/7 and was wondering why I stopped or even why I want to be pottie trianed. I hate the potties. If any one out there that wants to know me " adult babies" only sorry. I would love to share my baby life with another. I would probably never meet one but that is my wish.
theprince2374 theprince2374
36-40, M
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Would love to talk to you I am too a adult baby and diaper lover

I would want to meet you

iam up in pa state wish i was down there we could play mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Would you move down here

not bat this time iam married but too iam Bi but i will think about it something happens too her i will be looking

Would she change the both of us?

she dont even know iam intoo this i keep it hide good i been intoo this befour i knew her i just know how too hide it good you know.

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Hey I'll talk to u

I live in Oklahoma

I live in Oklahoma