A Little Boys Life

Hi mommy, I'm home from school. Hey honey how was your day? It was good mommy except... Except what Kyle? I wet my pants. Now Kyle you can't keep wetting your pants. I know mommy I'm sorry it won't happen again I promise. Ok you better keep that promise or I'm gonna have to put you in diapers. Yes mommy. (The next day I went school I didn't wet my pants I came home so excited to tell my mom. Mommy guess what? What Kyle ? I didn't wet my pants today! Good I'm proud of you Kyle, lets go get some ice cream. Yay Ice cream (I shouted) I hope in my moms car and we start driving to get ice cream, then the unthinkable happens I get the sudden urge that I have to pee soo bad to the point that I couldn't stop it from coming out. So a gush of warm pee starts running down my leg soaking my pants and my seat. We get to the ice cream store and my mommy says. Ok let's go get my big boy some ice cream.( can you go get it for me mommy ill stay here. She says Kyle did you wet your pants again. I'm so scared to tell her that I start to cry. That's it Kyle I'm putting you in diapers. That's all I got right now ill tell more of the story tomorrow I hope you like it so far
Kyle1492 Kyle1492
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013