How Do You Meet Likeminded People?

I recently was introduced to the D/s lifestyle.  I had an amazing experience with a Dom that was so patient and willing to help me along.  We are no longer involved.  I miss being a submissive and having a Master.  I think about this almost every day, and miss being able to please someone so very much.  I have dated other men since and tried to bring this up.  Some men were more than willing to boss me around, but it is about so much more than that.  And what I miss are the heady, mental aspects of D/s.  How can I go about meeting others to try and find a Dom that will hopefully lead to another wonderful Master?

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I met my now Husband online. For as many forums as I went on, funny enough, we met on AOL. I had to meet someone under the pretense of D/s - I was not looking for a vanilla man, and I was not looking to teach someone about it. In the meantime - I had no issues safely cybering and phoning to "get my rocks off" until then. or you could look at ME if you are brave.

I do hope you've, by now, found your submissive heart's desire. I've enjoyed your story, and wish you all the best in your world:)

Hello It is hard to find the other half, I have had a few willing slaves over a 25 year time fr<x>ame. At first it was only about control and sex but as life gos on im 57 now i have found that my needs went from using to owning and i take care of what is owned.there are too many just in the life style for the kink and power and that's fine if both are into that .join the groups talk a LOT before meeting and take your time you will find him or her ,a good slave is rare and a good master will not jump to take you on that's one good sign of a greedy dom looking just for a toy good luck in your quest

i so get where your comming from.............its soooooooo much more than bossing around its the whole mind submission to a true masters desires that become your please serve explore push yourself and fall ohhhthe falling into his desire of you.............i understand.

google search for: taken in hand

you could try advertising on a dating site for adult fun plenty out there just be honest from start saying what u want then weedel out the ones out for a cheep thrill and reply to the ones that sound genuine <br />
it dose work just chat on line for a whie then meet few times befor commiting youll be amazed how many replys u get good luck

its soo hard to do....but you will find the right person. There are websites and meetings held in different places. I hope it works out for you