Meeting Up With Another Nappy Lover

I met up with an old friend recently when I was staying in London on business, he is a nappy loving TV which is nice. We met up in pub and I was wearing a very wet nappy and plastic pants and he had a disposable on. After a couple of drinks to replenish back to my room for some wet fun. I had a large plastic sheet and towels on the bed to help with leakage. We ******** off to our nappies and I pulled my plastic pants down to reveal my soaking wet terry nappy and lay astride so he could enjoy my wetness. This got me very hard and him too. We played around like this for a while, stroking each other through our wet nappies until I said I needed another wet. So I pulled his nappy forward and pointed my **** into his nappy and let go a flood of my warm wee as I stroked him through his nappy mmmm. This got him very hard and the plastic sheet proved its worth as it was very wet indeed. My nappy was very wet in my plastic pants by this time and as we stroked each other his nappy was so full it was falling down so I took it off completely and put him in a pair of frilly pink plastic pants and continued stroking his hardness through them. He then unpinned my nappy   and took that off so we were both now only wearing our plastic pants and we continued playing like that loving the feel of each other’s plastic pants on our naked bodies, he pulled my pants down and started to suck my hardness, then as I was about to *** released me back into my pants for  final few strokes until I could hold back no more and shot loads of lovely creamy *** into my pants which he spread around and then pulled down the front of my pants to taste my creamy *** and suck me dry mmmm it was a great session and would love to do it again. Thinking about it has got me excited again and am nice and hard in my wet nappy so need to have a nice play and release some more lovely creamy ***. If there is anyone else out there who would like to play like these please let me know and maybe we can make it happen. I can be e.mailed at if you want it.

Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Glad you liked it and hope you come loads thinking about it. I am always up for fun like that with a likeminded playmate. I would love to do what you suggest and am stroking my hardness through my plastic pants thinking about it and will soon fill them wiith loads of creamy *** mmmm

Wow. What a hot story. I'd love to be in just a plastic pant with another boy dressed just the same. It would feel incredible to lie down on top of each other and let our erections slide back and forth over each other. Between precum and sweat, the ***** wouild slide back and forth between our tummies. It would be hard to hold back *******. Soon *** would add to the lubricants helping us slide over each other. After a rest and losing our erections, it would be super to feel warm pee filling up the plasic pant of the other. Difficult not to get hard just reading about these thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration.