Anybody around north Minnesota?? Or just in Minnesota??
Traviesaal Traviesaal
18-21, F
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I just moved from Minnesota! I love it there<3

Where did you move to???

To Indiana. It awful.

Why don't you like Indiana ??

It's so boring and it's just not where I belong.

Just give it time you well find some great freiends!! Join a few groups that you like!! When I was young my dad was army we moved a lot even oversea that is hard!!

I know the feeling!! But believe me if you get into a couple groups it well help!! My mom pushed me into groups each time!! Or do some volunteer time you meet some nice people that way!! But getting in to your school work is very important !

Yes I know. I've been trying. I've decided just to focus in school and work and then i can get it over with and go to college. Grin and bare it. Right?

You need to enjoy life it's so short!! Find something you like doing!!

What I like to do Is solitary so i don't really need othera

At least not for that

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Good morning!! Yes I'm from Minnesota ! Askov