Invoking Divine Energy


When I invoke/evoke the God and Goddess, how do I know they are really there?


This is a great question. Alot of people work on blind faith that the Gods are there at their every beck and call. Most witches and "children of the Gods" are normally sensitive to energy shifts even outside the circle; like that feeling you get when your back is turned to the door but you just know when someone walks in, even if they made no sound. It's the energy shift in the room that tells us what we can't see. We pick up on that person's energy as they enter the room.

Divine energy is much different than our own personal energy, but the basic energy shift and the way we sense it remains the same. I can't say exactly what Divine energy feels like simply because it varies depending on what God is present. What I can say is that Divine energy is usually massive, and sometimes gives a physical sensation as well. I have had sensations such as tingling of limbs, almost feverish feeings, a "fluffy" feeling like I am very lite and could float away, or even a very heavy feeling like gravity is pulling me down and inward. There have been times when I feel static electricity, like when you build up static electricity from rubbing your feet on carpet and then hold your hand close to something that will shock you. That sensation covering the entire body is somewhat disorienting.

Being receptive to energy shifts is quite common among most people with out them even noticing or puting much thought into the why, how, and for what. For some, it is a challenge; a skill aquired after much practice. If you feel that you are in need of practice there are a few good energy exercises you can do to highten your awareness of seperate energies. First you must become aware of your own energy. Place your hand palm down on something white; a piece of paper or a wall will do. Focus on the center of the back of your hand for several minutes. Eventually, you should begin to see an outline of what seems like a fluffy shadow around your hand through you perifrial vision. If you look directly at it it may disapear. This is essentially part of your aura, and also what I consider your personal energy feild. Practice this a few times a day until it takes little effort to see your energy.

Next try to stand infront of a mirror and see your aura around your head and upper body. Practice until it takes little effort. What does this have to do with sensing energy from other people and beings? I feel that if you can't see and sense your own energy, it may be pointless to try and sense other's. Once you are aware of your own, you can try sensing animals and plants. Seeing them is not sensing them, but its the first stage or awareness. When you become aware, you can start to "read" them, or feel the difference between their energy and your own. With practice it becomes almost second nature. Chakra meditations are also great for hightening your sense of energy flow and awareness.

Now you can start testing yourself. Go to a public place, or one with frequent pedestrian traffic; maybe a park. Sit or stand with your back turned and see if you can sense when someone is moving toward you. When you feel an energy shift, turn to look and see if you are right. When I worked in a convenience store years ago, I liked to test my psychic bone and guess a color they might be wearing before I turned around to greet them. It was a fun way to pass those long hours.

Back to Divine energy, becoming aware of our own energy is essential. The next step is to learn how to percieve Divine energy. Cast a circle and do your usual "thing". Call upon your Deity of choice. Some even prefer to leave the Gods nameless and call upon the Divine in general. Do not be afraid to communicate with Deity. Calling them in is one thing, but also explain to them that you wish to feel their presence. Say you need reassurance that they are there with you. Tell them what's in your heart and they are more likely to reward you in your honesty. Remember that your relationship with the Divine is a sacred gift, from both you and Deity. They will only come as close to you as you come to them. Set aside time everyday outside of circle to talk to them, tell them secrets, jokes, about your mundane tasks, anything. Treat them like very important best friends. Share your very soul with them. Have respect for them and expect it in return. You will begin to notice that they feel closer than before. Like I said; the closer you become with them, the closer they will be to you.

When you call them down successfully, there should be no doubt as to wether or not they are there. By this I don't mean just having faith that they are there, I mean you should be able to feel them around you. Meditate with them and listen carefully. Completely clear and open your mind to the energy in the room. Don't expect anything in particular. Just be open and receptive. Ask for assistance if you feel you are having trouble being "open". Say something like, "please help me to be open to your energy".

As this experience is different to everyone, I truely hope I have given you a starting point. These are my own personal opinions and I hope you find them useful and helpful.


FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
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Sep 24, 2012