Dan Galadima The Prince

Prince and gambler of the Bori, Dam Galadima was fathered by Sarkin Aljan Biddarene and raised by Sarkin Aljan Suleimanu.

Dan Galadima is a very generous spirit, but he expects repayment with interest and once you accept his gift you are obligated to him. Do not accept petty or trivial gifts from him. Make sure you ask for what you REALLY need.

This lady's man has 4 wives and a concubine, each from a different Bori house, and he is more inclined to fullfill petitions from a beautiful woman (ps. We are all beautiful.)

Dan Galadima is a compulsive spender and gambler, and he can heal or inflict these qualities. People possessed by him may get the sudden urge to give everything away to others.

Offerings to Dan Galadima include fragrant colognes, Florida Water, hand mirrors (he is very vane), silk scarves, hand fans, deck of cards, dice and things associated with gambling, the lucky numbers 7 and 13, hankerchief with cowrie shells, the colors green and gold, and he may enjoy lavender, sage, sweetgrass, and cloves.


Handsome prince, Playboy of gambling

I call to you now

Bless me with your presence.

A roll of the dice for luck in what I seek from you.

I ask you Prince to come into my circle.

These offerings I give freely,

That you may gift me with my desire.

Dan Galadima, be with me now and hear my plea.

I welcome you here.

FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 26, 2012