My Experience With Vegaswhore (UPDATED)

I am having lunch tomorrow (9/13/12) with an EP member, VegasWhore.
She is a member that lives here in Las Vegas, where I live.
We have talked for the last week online, on EP, and on Yah00 IM.
She is smart, funny, witty, intelligent, communicates well, and we laugh our ***** off when we talk. We have a few things in common too, she likes older guys, I like younger girls, she loves sex as much as I do, she needs a job, I need an employee.
So lunch tomorrow is basically the job interview. No sex (yet), as we are just meeting for the first time. I need to make sure she can do the job I have for her (office assistant stuff), and we both just want to make sure the chemistry we feel is still there after meeting in person.
But I will come back and update this after lunch, and let everyone know how it went.

Update: 9/14/12
I have posted this story twice, and I don't want to have to update both, so all updates to this story will be posted here:
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Can't wait to hear your report!

Me either!

Lol you would post this here!

Apropos don't you think?

Lol, si