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If you keep up with me, or you are a member of my group, then you know that I have just recently entered into an affair with another EP member by the name of 1234TBibbs. I will probably get in trouble for posting this before I post my version of our first day together, because he has been nagging me about when I'm going to post my story up, but without spoiling the story before I write it, I would just like to express how refreshing it is to meet someone who shares a majority of the kinks you have. We don't have everything in common but I am starting to like new things and participate in activities I never thought I would. I have always been very open minded sexually, and it is nice to finally meet someone who's face doesn't scrunch up when I voice my bizarre fantasies and who even encourages them and helps me achieve them! I'm so lucky to have met someone who cares about me as a person and who is willing to take risks just to please me :) I've put TBibbs on a pedestal as high as Mount Everest but he deserves the praise because he's a sweet guy and an amazing ****... And hes handsome :) And he makes me squeal like a little girl and he makes me feel sexy and beautiful. He is firm but caring and he's the best teacher a young girl could ask for... So there, I said it.
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Congratulations on finding someone you can really connect with. It's really special and all too rare in my experience. I wish the two of you continued happiness and joy in your relationship. :)

WOW, thank you. I agree it is all too rare. I have never felt like this in all my life. The sex is the best I have ever had, and the person is just a wonderful woman!!! We are both blessed indeed!

Mmmm lil girl noises.

hehe, yes apparently I make those..

I wanna hear that right in my ear.

Come close..

Oh WOW. Ummmmm what do I say to that? Thank you. Genuinely thank you from my heart!!! I LOVE your fantasies!!! I LOVE broadening your horizons!!! And I love that we share so many kinks!!!
YOU make me feel sexy, you make me feel alive again, you make me feel handsome, and I LOVE it when you squeal like a little girl (actually it's more of a squeak then a squeal LOL)

Thank you, I'm glad the feeling is mutual haha

Lucky girl!

Indeed I am :)