Dirty Sex Poem


My *****’s here your **** to please 
My spincster tight your **** to squeeze 
My **** is bare and hot to trot 
Your big thick **** will hit the spot 

I’ll take it bare and moan for you 
And squirm and wiggle ‘til you’re through 
I want your ***** to fill me full 
To prove that you’re a mighty bull 

How many strokes will you thrust in 
Before your ***** I do win? 
It takes a bull to breed my **** 
“Tis your time to ****** hunt 

Strokes after stroke you bore in deep 
And from my lips comes nare a peep 
My **** will take your strokes with ease 
For it exists your ***** to tease 

So batter me with all your might 
I love your ****, I have no freight 
The more within my **** you rut 
Proves that I’m your horny **** 

You should not tire, **** me well 
Much later you can rest a spell 
So **** until your ***** does squirt 
Then at my **** your lips can flirt 

When your dear **** is worn and limp 
And wrinkled like a tired shrimp 
Just put the worn head to my lips 
And let me begin my loving sips 

I’ll suck that ***** to make it stiff 
So it can once more fill my quiff 
And screw me ‘til I beg relief 
Or once more ***** you bequeath 

And when you’re bred me twice or more 
You’ll know your **** I do adore 
I’ve tried to be a loving ***** 
So you would **** me more and more 

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7 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I didn't think of you as the ***** type, but I guess we can be anything if we want something!

Interesting :)

YOU ARE SPECIAL SYLV...............


I enjoyed that very much. Well done.

I have read that time and time again, it is so damn hot! very good, ........... thanks for that.....

thankyou so much !

Hot poem very nice