Anyone Want A Quick One

If you know me well.For you !!!

You lick your fingertips 
Rub them on my ***** lips 
Send shivers 
I quiver, as you taste me 
Before you put it in 
You kneel before me 
What I envision as godly 
Your **** is perfection 
My favourite affection 
Is you 
I bite my bottom lip 
Eyes glued to you 
As you insert the tip 
My **** all over you 
You put one hand around my throat 
Apply some pressure 
My eyes roll back as you stroke 
This pleasure can't be measured 
Not just by my moans 
Or the way you make me squirt 
The sexy *** sounds you make 
When I tell you to make it hurt 
I feel the veins in your **** pulsing 
I know your almost done 
You pull it out quickly 
So I can taste your ***...yum

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8 Responses Jan 15, 2013

And I thought it was cold in Canada - how did you make it so hot? ;)

That is the best poem I have ever read. Truly inspiring. Are you writing more?

I cumm when a girl writes poetry.. Would love to make you squirt.

so damn erotic

Those veins really turn up the heat for you?

I got them on they dry fast (10 minutes) with the fireplace going, they are a little tight when you first wash them and make show my cockhead, a little to much lol....

Me, me, us, us, it'll be fun! :D

Always doll! :D

The best!! :)

Again ei? ;-)

That was a fun read. I liked it very much.

U make me hard :)

you always make me so hard tooo.

I could show you on skype how it grows thick and lengthier in a very short time.......