Is He Even Out There

Three devestating years of marriage and one beautiful baby later. I ask myself is the love of my life out there. I have been pushed around door after door feel the feeling of strong intimiacy think I have found him. Yet again the door closes behind me. Now I am back to square one. I am beginning to wonder is there a mister right even out there for me.

Someone who will love me and my son and who will love be good bad and through it all. I am so scared I will never find the man I meant to spend life with.
matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 20, 2011

i think i know your problem. because you are aquarius, you really need one person, not many to live with or keep experiencing until you find your life is over. and you are stuck because every beautiful person you meet , comes out to be a demanding devil in a clear or disguised form. no one just seeks only love. everyone seeks to get something. and you blame yourself because some people were good enough to you and you could not force your heart to be good enough to them. aquarius is hard to find someone to match his very complicated personality. even aquarius is complicated enough for himself or herself. we dont really understand ourselves sometimes. yes, we understand it later after deeper thinking and after all is over. anyway, i have nothing to help you with except a simple advice 'find another aquarius man and get live with him' even if it will be as friends first. do your best to keep the connection going. dont despair and dont give up. this may let both of you see the hidden treasure that they could not see before in each other. it is hard for aquarius to get together because they both are hard to get along with. aquarius is not the one to run after a person. man and women. aquarius will not chase anybody except for fun. if he really has feelings for someone, he will wait until he makes sure the feelings are mutual. will never start demanding. and the biggest reason why aquarius dont get together is 'because they can feel that if they get together, something must happen, this relationship is not for fun and romance, it is for either total fulfillment or a real loss'. but try and dont give up. you will find one. focus and talk about your self more. your deepest desires. dont always hide. aquarius people have so much deep inside that they never say openly. because it is only for those who deserve it. but they may die before they have a chance to say it. speak yourself and that may become a reason that your half finds you.. good luck. i wish my words have found their receptors in you. and sorry if they were not helpful.

Oh my goodness, you're so young! Give it time, it'll happen. You have to make your mistakes along the way, that's just the way it goes sometimes. When you DO find this person, you will both say you're glad you got your mistakes out of the way. NOW you know how to do things right. Cheer up, it'll happen. In the meantime, go out there and learn.

According to your profile you are only aged 18-21. You're very young and cannot lose hope now. And who says there is just one person you are meant to spend your entire life with? Just be happy with the good things that you have in your life at the moment. And at this moment it seems that your son is the love of your life. That's an amazing thing to have. In my opinion, you should focus on maintaining and nurturing that love rather than trying to find something else.<br />
If you are so concerned with looking for love, you will probably end up settling for something not good enough for you. Just let it happen. Don't try to force it.

I want to wish you the best of luck in finding a person that is perfect for you but it also sounds like you already have an amazing man in your life so there is always at least one thing to be happy about ^_^