Well im not good at describing things into words even if it is my life but ill try to share as much as i can. I am 21 years old i lived growing up in different countries and at the time i was 12 i returned to my home country which is a Muslim country ( i had hard time fitting in) i saw things in different way than my my family and friends. when i was 17 i started to feel something that kept returning to me all the time and i still feel it i thought i was depressed at first but it wasn't that, i wanted something just couldn't figure it out. by the age of 19 my parent asked me for my future and said when will i get married (arranged marriage) at that time i wanted to leave my home to go study abroad so i dropped out of my university and applied to study abroad. I had mixed feeling about that wither i chose to study abroad for better education or was it to escape my planed future or was it because i wanted to meet someone. I thought just by living alone away from my tradition i could meet "the love of my life" but now that i am here i feel like i haven't accomplished anything and that im starting to think that i was foolish to go to all this trouble for some unrealistic feeling that made no sense to me.
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Welcome to EP and thank you for sharing your first story!

I was raised in the US and then in France, so I have a different idea of liberty... I think everyone should be free to choose their spouse, therefore I'm against arranged marriages. I found the love of my life, she found me, we love each other and we have been happily married for more than ten years.

Studying abroad is also good for your mind development, it makes you a more open person, who understands people better. So don't give it up!