I Wonder How Long Ima Have To Wait

well its ok. :) i can entertain myself, besides, i dont need someone to be happy. but it would make me happi-ER :D im not going to lower my standards either :/ even if im not worth an amazing guy. i still want one >>
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http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Want-To-Meet-The-Person-Im-Meant-To-Be-With/1352775?new=t<br />
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Thanks for giving me a friend add, I like that it helped me find this group. <br />
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The idea of meeting your destined true love, is something that I have been thinking of a lot lately, and it's something I would like to include in my future resume of attempted and failed contributions to the world. So there's one of my first attempts at that, if you would like to take a peek.