I would absolutely love to meet the person I an meant to be with right now.

Everytime I develop an interest in someone, it never works.When will it work? Why does it not work? I ask myself this all the time. Is there a reason? I do not understand.

Sometimes it seems like, wow, these circumstances and everything about us is so crazy, how could this not be meant for somethng.

I guess I will have to be patient, perhaps there IS a reasonI have not yet met him, though I dont see it.


oyveyHannah oyveyHannah
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

haha, I guess so... :/ so whats your current situation?

hey.. that's exactly what i feel and think. recently i'm in a situation i really thought i found him.. but well.. it's not! it hurts and i dont know why this always happens.. cant understand it. well as you said.. we have to be patient!