Maid Of Her Wife

I am not the transgender initially but want to become transgender and used to wear girl clothes like tight salwar suit. As i am married but want to be female without knowing anyone. I always want to visit market in tight salwar suit with very high heel sandal, anklet and toe ring on the foot with dark red nail polish on feet and 20-20 bangles on each hand but this wishes of mine never come true. Once when i am busy in crossdressing my bhabhi as seen me, she scold me and slapped me 50 times and neel me down and said to me to suck its toe and feet vigourously. i am very much surprise and had to suck its toe. After sucking the toe she said to me that from today onward you r my maid servant and the maid at home is no more, now you r my maid and chute sucker so please know suck my **** and in dinner you will have to drink my toilet and in food you have to suck excreta from my back. Its know horrible i have to do all this because till then i am no more.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

there is no such thing as becoming transgender either u are or you not

wow so sexy