What Could Happen?

I am sitting her thinking to myself what is worst that can happen and I weighed the options so here we go.

my whole life I have all ways wondered if I could or would love a c.d. or transgender woman and have come to this fact. c.d.'s and transgender turn me on.I am a straight man but wow would I love to exp a bottom. I can see you now in your sexy dress garter bely stockings looking so ******* sexy.we are getting ready to go out for the night so I can show you off. we both know where it will end that is in the bedroom at end of night. but I let you be who you are and sit back knowing I am yours and you are mine so you do what you do flirting with all and my go doing what you do. having fun. you are so sexy seeing that fine body those breast and *** wow. ok I am getting horny just writing this. so we have a great time and a drink or 2 and we go home you take me with your loveing hand and lead me to my recliner and sit me down go put some music on and do a slow ***** tease and you have me rock hard you come crawling on your knees towared me with those bed room eyes and come up to me and do a personal dance just for me as you have me about to explode in my pants you knell and un-zip me and pull my **** free and you give me the best blow job I have ever had in my life until I ***. wow and after you take all of me and drink my seed you suck me dry. stand up and lead me to the bedroom.

now here is where you come in ladies. what happens next?
babytagalong babytagalong
46-50, M
Jan 17, 2013