How Does One Meet a Transgenderd Woman

I am fascinated by transgendered women. I think that they are among the bravest people out there. To so fully embrace their desired lifestyle and the extraordinary length's that some of these women go through is remarkable. I have long desired to meet and be friends with and possibly more with someone like that.

The problem is women; and I call them women because that is what they are; like this don't generally broadcast this distinction. After all, why would they? So how does one meet a women like this that does not necessarily involve a financial transaction for services rendered? How does one meet a transgendered women for friendship and a relationship based on substance?

I don't know the answers so I'm wondering if anyone does...

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OOOOoooooo I'd love to meet a TS I'm 19/m if you want more info just send me a message. ;) I'm down to talk

hiyaaa i know this post is pretty old but being as i found it im gathering others are going to im transgendered pre-op not even on hormones yet but obv gunna go through with the whole transistion just gotta wait unfortunitly (sorry cant spell ;p) im looking for a partner ts tg tv cd or male ive been told by many that i can pass. im 20 years old and looking for someone aged between 20 and 25. even if your going through the same thing as me and live near bedfordshire we could help eachother just as friends :D:D if anyone is interested my name is monslien on skyppe add me up and message me sayying you added me off of here :D:D thanks oh yerr i like to be called sophie :D ;p x

I want meet transexual womens to have Sex and mikeing Love.

I am a male cross dresser.I would love to meet a nice TS who would be interested in developing a serious relationship.My name is Greg George.PO Box 443 Stroud,Ok. 74079.

i am a preop ts woman and i have lived as a woman for a long time now. I was married for 23 years and she passed away from cancer a few years ago. Looking for new friends and am happy to answer any questions

we try not to advertise the fact that we were once the opposite due to we want to live normaly like every other person but were around and we could be anywhere haha you could already know a transsexual person and not know it

I am deeply encouraged by what you shared even this many years later!! I secretly long to be a women and cant wait for the day that i find the courage to escape my situation and follow my heart. My fantasy, as odd as this may seem is to meet a sweet women that is infatuated with transgender women like myself. I want to be able to do girlly things and ii want her to teach me to be girlly and sexy. How to flirt and how to shop, how to cry and how to talk. I want to be free to be the women i know i am supossed to be. How do I meet my bestie??

we have been trying to meet a t girl that would fit in with us we have meet a few girls but still have not found the right one that will fit us like a glove. Keep looking and she will come..

Hi there. Well, I think one of the best ways to meet a woman like myself is to use craigs list. I am singel right now and have recently posted on that site. Also, other dating sites are a good place to meet normal ts women who are interested in a relationship with another woman. There is another site called TS DAting. com I think which has a lot of genetic women and ts women loking for each other. Unfortunately, though, most ts dating seems to be directed at men which is a shame for those of us who only date women. Anyways, those sites and others whould defintiely work out pretty well.


I respect all of you that are going through or have through the transition and have only one question and is this. I am man who has always felt like my body did not fit who i am but now at almost 40 yrs old and married to woman who i love very much and their is kids so how can i cope with this<br />

Hi everyone. I use to think that it was hard to meet a T-Girl, just to be friends with, but now they are everywhere or at least I know where they hang out or etc. I guess a lot would depend on where you live, like Wyoming good luck. If you live in Cal or NY or Florida it is very easy. I can help you understand or talk on line, answers some questions to help you find a friend to hand out with in your area. Me I live in Denver, so I know no one is from here. Good luck and be safe everyone.<br />
<br />

Been looking for a T-Girl, where in Florida can I meet one?

There's nothing I'd like more than to be friends with someone like you. Naturally it's easier when great distances aren't an issue but it's still possible.

i knew one many years ago and we sharded many things with each other over the years till her death at 19 and while the birth paper work said boy she was never a boy no matter how she was forced to dress till summer school of 8 th grade<br />
<br />
she was born a girl with a rare condition and the doctor made the choices to rmove all female organs and sew her back up with just a little draain tube for pee and called her a boy<br />
as a boy she was very mousie and shy<br />
as a girl she learned to become very out spoken and very sure of her self and really very deadly in her skills<br />
<br />
the person that was training us always said he was teaching me but when it came to her he was waking back up what she knew and he called her bya different name who was a smaiuri warrior from the early 1900 that wasw rummored t have been a girl

I would love to be your friend, dear one. You express yourself woderfully and are obviously a kind and sensitive spirit.

hi my name is bill doolittle and i am looking for a tg lady for long term y address is 10011 birch dr riverdale michigan 48877 if you ever wont a nice guy right me

my self iwould love to meet a nice tg lady and get married

there are websites dedicated to Trandgenderism, in particular URNotAlone. while many ofthe women are wannabees, many like me are quite real and deal with life the best way we can. I would not mind becoming a freind of yours. Laurie

for Samantha 72t---I read your comments and I just got thru posting my update so I hope you will read it and perhaps like to join or help in forming a support group.I left my e-mail but my post is self explanatory so hope to hear from you ...Eryn...

I beieve I'm part of this group.I just got thru reading all the posts here and it looks to me that most all of us can form a support group.None of you feel bad because I'm also going thru my m-f transitions and have many issues to deal with 1. because I'm married,2 have kids.3 my age which is early 60ish but I don't appear as old.I know where all of you are comming from because we all share the same goals and suprizingly enough,I've known about my female side for too many years also my wife has a girlfriend but doesn't know to what extent yet.There are 1000's of us with many different story's to tell and all of us have are ups and downs and needs.My goal is to trasition in a slower pace so I can adjust properly to upcomming hormone therapy and emotional issues,forming and making t/g and t/s friends and keeping them but being there as a friend for overall support because thats one issue which takes priority in our society.For the most part,straight society looks at us like we are strange and crazy but if they really knew how we all felt inside and the need to expand our horizons as the women we know we are,perhaps it may be easiar.I find it more difficult to be dealing with therapists who don't want to deal with me because of age but they'll be more than happy to take my money and I'm telling them,the hell with therapy as I'm old enough to know exactly what I want to do but the only problem,I just put it off too long and enough of that business because life is too short...I'm not doing this to be a actor,or looking for sex because I'm not a loose person and I don't want a male counterpart who's just after the thrill of having something to screw thats different since thats not where it's at.I'm doing this for me,myself and I with the same dignity I deserve.For the posts above,I'm offering my friendship to all of you as my journey started as a young 3 year old growing up in a society controlled by women who were role models for me but I just didn't want to accept what I really was untill recent years.I know the internal stress,the happiness and sadness and bare facts that existing family's can be broken apart for lack of acceptance but there are many ways to approach being a transmale and it just depends on the individual so girls I'll leave my e-mail if any of you are interested in chatting and forming a new and positive support group and I hope I can be of assistance and become a lasting friend to those of you who show an interest and I have so much to say,I have no space to do it with and thanks to have other posts on ex project as I'm a member....

I am MTF. and a dyke.<br />
<br />
I know from experience that we are like shadows, we're there but you can't really see us. Don't take this the wrong way, but online is not always a good idea, pictures can be faked, people can be dishonest, and to me it just seems a bit too cavalier to go searching for this person online. I'd hit up gay bars chat up people, and make sure you are looking for a relationship and not just sex, I can smell when someone just wants sex and I am immediately turned off.<br />
As hard as it is for TG women to meet good reltionship type men it's next to impossible for a lesbian mtf to find a woman that will accept her. Take this into consideration and realizie it may be a very long road.

I am one of those special women you are looking for. I was born intersexed and my psyche is female as well as my hormones. I enjoy guys who are not threatened with my being

First of all, there are all different types and levels of Transgender. I myself am in the transition process, and am deeply involved with Transgender support, and dating, both in the real world, and on line. i have no problem passing on a day to day basis, and living my life in the normal world. And as the origional story states, I cwertainly do not announce myself. If someone figures it out, which they sometimes do, all hell has been known to break out, so I socialize mostly in the gay circles. i consider myself to be 'deeply afflicted', and plan on having surgery at the earliest possible date. <br />
In our world, we call people like the origional author, 'admirers'. But they can belie that title to extremes. I ocassionaly run an ad on Craig's List, but have been disappointed, and hurt by the responses, and the admirers that I have met. Unfortunately for us, as you yourself have stated, you are 'curious', while we are serious. I make it very clear that I am looking for nothing less than a long term relationship, but their curiosity wins out, or they are married and think they can get a quick ****** on the side, because those with experience, know how easy an inexperienced TG can be. Well, you know, once a lot of people satiisfy their curiosity, they disappear! It's like something they just crossed off of their bucket list.<br />
So I am attractive, and I dress real nice, and when I'm out there in the real world, I get hit on mercilessly. I'd really like to date some guys, and maybe have one fall for me, but it is not my style to come across as something that I am not, so I tell them that I am involved and unavailable. I would like to find a guy who has the financial resources, and could help me attain my goals, and would be a dedicated wife to such a person. Their loss, because once I do have the surgery, I will probably not want to be commited to anybody. My thinking will be that you didn't help me make the pie, so you don't get to eat it either. No pun intended. <br />
So because of all my bad experiences, I have seriously curtailed my dating as a known Transgender. I am not a novelty, or a sideshow. I may not TRULY be a woman, but I am TRULY a person, and expect to be treated with a lot more dignity and respect than I have experienced up to this point. I was going to mention earlier in this post, that I will now give you a BOATLOAD of information on where and how you can indeed meet people 'like us'. I was going to mention that I would be giving this info out, earlier in the posting, but I thought some people might just skip down to 'look at the pictures.'<br />
Since I spent all this time writing this, let's start with me. I am 'Kaytrex' all over the internet, except for on FACEBOOK, where someone else took the name that I have been using for 10 years now. It used to be that if you Googled me, that the search returned nothing except information about me. That has changed. I also go by the full name of 'Karen Trexler' which leads me to my 'kaytrex' moniker. I maintain a personal site, where admirers can view photos of me at It was my experiences and contacts at that got me to produce the site. I maintain a personal ad at one at another one at and I frequent, and have a personal ad at<br />
So if you're truly looking for networking, there you go! Hope that this also finds it's way to TG's that are looking.

I am trans woman and I wish there where more people like you. Are you an angel maybe? I would love a friend like you. Yhe few friends I have told so far all had the same responce...."you'll always be donnie to me"?!?! WTF Why would they want that. As a male i hated myself and everyone around me,It made me an ******* most of the time! I truly think you a specail lady. contactme any time.

I am trans woman and I wish there where more people like you. Are you an angel maybe? I would love a friend like you. Yhe few friends I have told so far all had the same responce...."you'll always be donnie to me"?!?! WTF Why would they want that. As a male i hated myself and everyone around me,It made me an ******* most of the time! I truly think you a specail lady. contactme any time.

I am a T-girl. I am very new at being a transwoman. But I am working at it and hope some day to be as fully female as techology allows. I too would like to meet other friends. <br />
<br />
I would like to meet other T-girls who can teach me to dress as lady like as possible and/or other guys who will treat me as the lady I am. <br />
<br />
my e-mail is

Hi there I am Samantha Lynn and I am trans although I have made the choice to stay as a cross dresser because I did not want to loose contact with my children who now are 33 and 31 and the latter my daughter has chosen not to talk to me and I am not allowed to see my granddaughter because of my lifestyle so I have to wait until she is old enough to choose for herself what she wants. Back to this group I know for sure in Toronto there are a couple of clubs that cater to Trans people and there admirers. They are usually located in the Gay part of town even though most of us are Heterosexual. You just have to look around and ask in any city that you are in or close to. We all want new friends to chat with. LOVE Samantha

Intriguing . I can't say that I've really thought about the subject in quite this way before. But then my natural predilection has always been in the opposite direction ever since I became aware of the existence of such unique individuals. I have been fascinated ever since. Partially because I admire and respect the courage and determination that these people undertake to become who and what they identify as. In some respects I kinda envy their courage because even though I cross dress its not nearly the same thing & I don't have the courage to embrace such a complete transition. I just think that its really, really cool that transgendered people do and do it well.

I realize your original message is from a year ago, but I've read all your comments on it and I believe that you really are a sincere person. Or at least that is my first impression of you.<br />
<br />
I am not a transwoman, but I AM a transman. If ever you want to talk about a trans experience from the other side of the spectrum don't hesitate to contact me. At this time all I really feel like I want to do is move forward in my plans for making myself more comfortable within my own skin and spreading a bit of priceless knowledge about what transpeople really go through. <br />
<br />
I appreciate your genuine and non-judgmental interest. We all do.

Hi, I'm G.

hi I am a man that wont.s to be a women I am looking for a t girl to maby move in with and we can help echother in a loot of ways I would like to start dresing and living as a women my email is

That's okay Patty. I'm thinking of supporting E.P & will get some tokens soon. We will chat soon, I hope.

I suppose it would come down to what you want out of the experience. If it is sex or cybersex then there are easier ways to get that. i.e. find yourself an escort and scratch your itch. If you are seeking something else then focus on what makes these women special because they do have feelings, dreams and aspirations just like you.

I so agree and wish the same. I'd like to met a woman who is making or has made this same journey I am on, that I could talk to, hang out with, learn from and therefore understand better all the thought and emotions inside me. <br />
<br />
Sometimes you can read so much and think you understand but it truly comes in focus when listening to someone who has lived it.<br />
<br />
I read constantly on this and many other subjects to better understand and make my journey.

No apology is necessary. I appreciate the caution. Not too mention the fact that there are in fact people out there that do have other agenda's nefarious or otherwise. It is never a bad idea to be careful, particularly when it involves communicating over a medium such as this. I would be delighted to communicate with you and to learn a few things. I will message you as soon as time permits...

I am not talking about sex. That I can find just about anywhere. I am interested in meeting someone that I can talk to, hang out with, learn from and try to understand a different point of view. If it was just the physical side of things; there other avenues... unappealing avenues... that can be explored. It is one of the reasons I joined this site in the first place. I am more interested in getting to know people as opposed to getting something from them. The things that fascinate me are the personal stories of people; how they got to the point they are at? What challenges did they face or are still facing? More basic than that what do people like to do for fun... what hopes and aspirations do they have.. what do they enjoy or dislike? You know real people stuff. The point I was trying to make is that if it was simply a matter of physical needs I would have visited someone who does that for a living... There are many who offer their services for money. What I want is a friendship based on genuine interest, respect and a desire to expand both my intellectual and emotional horizons. If one day I do choose to get involved romantically with someone; I want to be sure that I do it for the right reasons and not some idealized concept of how things ought to be.

Hi Julie;<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing you your story with us. It sounds like you had to deal with a lot and sacrifice much to be who you are. It is sad that your family was not as receptive as you had hoped. I respect that you had to contend with so much to be who you are today & I hope that everything will get easier for you. EP is a great place and I believe you will meet a variety of open minded people here. As far as I am concerned, you have a friend in me.

Wow, what a couragous thing. I'm sorry you had to give up your family, but at least you can be you and be happy. Good luck with all that you do!!

I have no idea, but I'll wish you luck. There is/was a gay bar/club next to a female impersonator review downtown and it was pretty common to see guys dressed as gals all around down there. Maybe there is a place like that in your city?