New Friends

i want to meet new friends and true friends but the thing is that there are people i know that i feel are not helping me out i mean its come to a point where i actually don,t know what to do i need serious advice on what to do because i am really stuck i mean i need a circle of friends and i don,t even have that i only know 1 person and if it wasn't for that person my life would of been worse right now but on the positive side of things i would like to have a large circle of true friends that would sick there neck out for me and go places with me on weekends and that does anybody want to be my friend at

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18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

i understand how you are feeling. I have a few set of friends and like two close close friends that I can truly count on. Keep the closest ones to your heart. It's a blessing when you have that one friend for sure. Mine I have had since i was in 7th grade and we are in our 30's now :) good luck. i'm here to chat if you want

I know what you mean. You like the few friends you have. You trust them. But you just wish, that you could be as liked as everyone else. <br />
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If I ever find the answer - I'll let you know.