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my man and i have a great sex life   i want to experiment with other women  he also thinks it would be great  he doesnt even have to participate it is really hard to meet women that are looking for the same thing   most are just playing games
ulaluke ulaluke 46-50 7 Responses Jun 1, 2010

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Hi we are a couple looking for the same thing please get in touch

Me i dnt mind

hi my name is laura my boyfreind and i would like to find a female or couple to get together with sometime my email is i am 47 my boyfreind is 61 we would like to have some fun

Hi we are a couple looking for female fun while males watch if your wanting the same get in touch.

My partner and I are looking for the same thing but for him to watch me with another woman.
It is very difficult to find this, but we are very interested.

HI we find it difficult to find this too ,but would like to discuss this further .

We would be very interested if you could send us some pics as we do in return!

we r looking for same thing

Hi us too .

Don't give up, us adventurous people are out here it's just really hard for us to find each other.

tell us about it we have been trying for ages.