Well were do I start, the title refers to the girl I have wrote about in alot of my stories, and someone who I thought I was getting really close too as we had shared initmate secrets, pictures on email and had started to skype one another (we got on great). Yes I pushed her into trying to leave her fiance and yes I knew they lived together and it didnt bother me because I wanted her. She messaged me a few times this morning to say she didnt have love feeling, then she told me otherwise, she was confused so I messaged her telling her what I thought and felt. She said she would message me back, but instead removed me from her friends list and when I commented on her latest story about finally leaving her fiance she blocks me altogether. Im pissed about it in truth, I didnt deserve this at least without an explanation. In alot of respects she will help how I feel, I can gain perspective and try to rebuild my life, but I will misz her desperately, she has up until now been my best friend on ep, and now ive lost her. I dont if it wad because I pushed so hard or even whether she was trying to be unselfish. I dont know what to think apart from that she has been the highlight of the day everyday for weeks and now shes gone forever!
VirginMatchmaker VirginMatchmaker 36-40, M Mar 31, 2012

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