To My Friend Gene

Who went thru WWII and the Korean War, coming home a "whole" person but got MRSA at the Veterans Hospital November 2005.  By September 2006 he was gone.  It's pretty ironic that he got thru both conflicts but died from a resistant bacteria he got at home - years later under Veterans care.  He is missed. 

To All of the Veterans who have interrupted their lives to defend our country - I am grateful.   They deserve the highest accolades .
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4 Responses May 27, 2007

THANK YOU for your support.....thank you for sharing your story....thank you...

What a great story.I am very patriotic and I do love our soldiers from all wars. I love to see the flags on graves ..Civil war..well all of the wars. They are never forgotten. Always held in high esteem.

I so agree, there can never be enough gratitude for <br />
their service, or bravery. Appreciation for those that defend us will never be enough.

As a soldier I can say that remembering and honoring those no longer with us is the best way to thank them.