I Want To Move Out From Here

Yes, I want to migrate. I don't feel like staying here. I wouold love to move somewhere else just like people used to do in the past. It would be the most exciting thing.

It's great fun to explore new lands, new places and people. I am sick of the problmes in my country. I can't stand it. but I am trying so hard to move out but no success yet. I am so desperate.

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Trust me I understand completely! I hate living in a country where it's the blind leading the blind and having an informed opinion makes you an automatic pariah! My dad's side of the family survived Nazi Germany to come to America under the pretense of freedom from persecution. Now it seems that the only "protected group" in the US are those making considerably north of $200,000 annually.
No, you can't get ahead if you just put enough effort into it here because doing anything past high school is going to enslave you to Goldman Sachs, The Rothchild's, or the IRS/Wallstreet. Want to go to college? Well enjoy the $50,000 with stark interest rates while you work at McDonalds and Sears waiting for the economic recovery to start working in your field. Want to start a family and buy a house, well then you can just sign on the dotted line while we run your life for the next 18 years (if not because of dismal financial situation, or a lack of healthcare, with the laws that are becoming more stringent everyday as to where children can sleep, how many bedrooms you need for how many children, how your child has to be 8 to get out of a ******* car seat etc). Want to just **** off and live like a hippie? Well the stars and stripes have ****** that one up as well with the vagrant laws, stricter laws on drugs and higher taxes on single men and women, not to mention the ridiculous ideal of taxing citizens who do business and/or live abroad under a US citizenship (and at a much higher rate than while one is in the states I might add).
We aren't any freer than you are. It's just one huge twisted bipartisan scheme to line the pockets of those who already have plenty at the expense of the ones who have none and create strife between the classes, races, sexes, religions, and partisans, thus ensuring that they wield all control. Completely taking our founding father's idea of "a nation divided cannot stand" and using it against We The People.
Everywhere is going down and it's either going to end in a revolution, anarchy, or a dictatorship. I really do feel you. Working a combined work week of 100 hours (I work 60 he works 40 hours a week) and we make $600/week, have no medical coverage, and our rent is over 1/4 of our monthly income. Coming in exactly at 1/3 when you include utilities! We have $10,000 in debt to college yet to go and even more on a car repossession from '08 when the economy took a nosedive. And we have 3 kiddos.
The point of this long *** post? That no matter where you go, until there are some changes made to the way our world is (including a new rational solution to the lack of jobs caused by modern technologies that are getting more advanced everyday), we will all continue to flounder and be pitted against each other. There is no exception to this.
I simply want to leave the US because of the militia style police force we've established all over the world. The culture doesn't promote intelligence and we are seeing a rise in crime and the "swag/ghetto" culture. We are the fattest nation on earth, one of the poorest among developed nations in everything from education to healthcare to, child poverty, and everything in between. We've had the power to stop our impending demise for decades (since Reagan's regime started shipping jobs overseas and creating a false "Welfare Queen" to pit the upper and middle class against the lower classes.) and we just failed. Now the government has too much power and if they take our guns... well I'm running for the hills!

Hey, thanks for the reply. It was interestig to read. I know that no land is perfect. Wherever we go, we are gonna find some problems. Well, I just want less problems. Some of my american friencs used to talk the same things as you do, but after they visited India, they stopped. People born and brought up in developed countries get so used to their surroundings that they don't even believe the evil that the rest of the world faces. It was only after visiting places like India, they realized how lucky they were.

What you said may be true but still, there's so much to live for. Ask any immigrant and hey would say that migrating was the best decision of his life. Here, life is cheap, it takes courage and a miracle to survive. I have lost many people I know. This is the place for politicians, celebrities and businessmen. Not for others.

I can't exprss how bad this situation is in words. Let's just say, it's like the Titanic and it's going down. If I don't fly somewhere soon, I will be history.

This life is beaituful. I want to live, I want to survive.

Hey thanks guys, I am from India, this country is going to be doomed. always feel that I don't belong here. I feel liike a jew stuck in aushwitcz nazi camp. I want to survive, live peacefully in some other country maybe in europe or even in australia, canada or new zealand. I am waiting for the the day when I fly towards freedom. Knowing that this day will come is the only thing that keeps me going.

Where are you from?

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