I Just Want To Leave Here

i'm not happy here and i have been thinking of moving away soon ,,,but before i can do that ..i need to have a plan ...i need to repaint my condo and fix a few small things ...after that i need to save money to move with ...and find a good place to live somewhere in tennessee ..
im going back to school to learn how to be a baker ...fancy cakes and breads ...hopefully i will be able to open my own bakery ..and have my daughter help me with it ...but i will need to rent out this condo ..so i dont have to carry all the bills for it ...

i need to find hometown ...a quite and easy going place for us to live and be happy
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I too want to move on from here...lacking money is the hardest part. A failed knee replacement doesn't help matters either. God WILL get me through this......it may not be when I want to move on but HIS 😎

Yep, I know exactly how you feel. I moved back in with my folks; destitute and desperate...wanting a fresh start. It seems I traded one bad situation for another. My folks have embraced this delusional senility and I'm their captive audience. Yips! Why can't I attach myself to the idea of gratitude and thankfulness for having folks who are still alive, a roof over my head, and yet another crummy job? Those concepts of gratitude and thankfulness give my soul an irritating ruffle ; ouch does it hurt. Why? Why do I feel so irritated and angry. It just seems as if I never get what I want anymore. <br />
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Is it crazy to just want to walk away from it all and try again somewhere else. I think that's called Geographic Therapy. Does the answer lie out there or somewhere between my ears? Who knows?

thank you ......sometimes all you need is a kind word

Starting a new life is never easy as im sure your aware of.But rather than renting out your condo you may want to think of owner financing it.You will still be getting paid for it monthly and you wont have the burden that a rentor has of maintaining the place.Nor will you be liable for any property ,,they will have to have their own insurance then.As well they will be responsible for taxes.<br />
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That gives you the freedom you need to worry about your life and not worry about what goes on with the condo and worry about people destroying what you will have to fix.<br />
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And as far as happyness goes..thats what you make of any situation.I understand what your saying and wanting in a small town.You picture it quiter there with less complications and more tranquility.That as well is within yourself.Life is what we make of it,We are never promised a easy life nor a life without complications,But what counts is how withstand the times of tests and trials and overcomethem to find happiness within.<br />
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Seek out laughter you shall find it,,seek out joy and you will find it..seek love and it to will be there,,,but throught all this so will hardship,,,always overcome the hardtimes and put them to rest when they are over and dont look back at them yet find something to learn from them regardless of how painful they are and it seems there is nothing there to be learned.<br />
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I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.We loose someone,,there is a reason for that,,,we did what we where suppose to do in that persons life and that person made us a diffrent person in return.We now have to not let that tare us down yet take from that the good it instilled in us and allow it to build us up.<br />
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I could go on and on,,just know you have a friend that doesnt mind listening and good luck on your new journey in life and hope you find what you seek in it.