I Want To Move To The States

For the past 6 years, all I have wanted, was to move over to America and build a life there... unfortunatly, life isnt how it was in the past, when you could just jump a flight or boat and live there... so much red tape now. Need to have a job waiting for you, have millions in the bank, have a top teir degree, or get married. Most of my friends live in the states, my sleeping pattern is basically on american time anyway due to my online activities... its a simple enough dream right? Move away from home, start a new life... why must it be so complicated?
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

M.V. Coho ... Black Ball Ferry Line link ... Awesome !!!!! (5 STARS)


I just phoned the Coho (Black Ball Ferry Line) - they will honor the "Free Birthday Ride" with a "Round Trip Ticket" and I can stay overnight !!! They will honor the return ticket when I decide to return to Can-a-duh. Yee Haw !!!!!!

Yup - same here. Heading 18 miles across the water on Tuesday to Port Angeles Washington. I will only have 2 hours there unless I end up staying overnight - would like to. I don't celebrate my birthday - I celebrate on U.S. Thanksgiving. I will however accept the "Free Birthday Ride" on the M.V. Coho (Black Ball Ferry Line) ...