Around Cincinnati

Is really a nice place to live, but I really just want to meet someone new (like a best friend), put all my trust in them, and leave.
Maybe that sounds foolish. But I just want to start over.

As an update to this story (three years later) I have gotten away from Cincinnati. I went to college in Orlando, FL and now live in CA.

There is a reason why people never leave Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. There is something about it that feels like home. Depending on where you go of course, you will miss it more than others.
Running away from your problems is never works. Although you may not see it directly around you, it stays in your mind forever.
Trixies Trixies
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

23 years in Cincinnati and I can't imagine going anywhere else. Can't imagine all else out there.

Greater Cincinnati is a Venus Fly Trap. Get away. I'm in my mid-twenties, I've been here almost 10 years and I feel like my soul has detached from my body. Don't put your trust in anyone but yourself and get away. If you're single, with no kids or significant others, visit places and get away.

Everyone wants to start over I think. go back to that day when everything was "just right" and begin from there all over again. In our minds we know that we can't...but in some ways it is possible. For me it was when I felt ambitious and strong, if I had acted then, things would have been invariably different... who knows maybe I will.